The World’s Fastest Maheu Processing System Powered by Jet Cook™ Launches in South Africa

This week Take 5, South Africa’s leading producers of Maheu and Mabele took full ownership of their new 18,000ltr per hour Jet Cook™ Maheu System. This is the world’s fastest producing Maheu and Mabele system capable of producing 6,000ltrs in only 20 minutes with a single vessel and operated by a single person. The system with a foot print of only 4x7 metres consists of our patented multi In-Line Jet Cook™ System capable of cooking and hydrating the maize and sorghum flour in single figure minutes, our specially designed 1000ltr powder induction system which entrains 600kgs of maize flour in 2 minutes and all controlled by our patented Recipe Manager software.  The total system has been designed, manufactured and installed by DC Norris in less than 6 months.

Take 5 started business 25 years ago as a mom ‘n pop café by Bill and Grace du Preez and evolved over the years into one of South Africa’s top short-life fruit juices and Maheu producers.  Take 5, a leader in chilled Maheu and Mabele now produce approximately 70,000 bottles of Maheu per day and distribute through their own supply chain to millions of customers within Africa.

This single system will replace 14 existing steam vessels and as many as 12 operators, and now will be operated by a single person. The new Jet Cook™ will use approximately 50% less energy than their existing systems and will have zero burn-on, dramatically reducing the use of water for cleaning.   This is a huge benefit in a country where water is both expensive and in short supply in many states.

Operations Director/Owner Mark du Preez commented ”A new dawn has emerged in the processing of Maheu, the speed and quality of the finished product is world class. We are delighted with the design and the simple operation of the system, the product and process knowledge from the Jet Cook team has been invaluable in getting our new system commissioned and producing sellable product within a week.”

Working with Mark du Preez has been an absolute pleasure, his forward thinking and can-do attitude is a breath of fresh air and we are delighted to have been introduced to him by our South African agents, Courlanders.