6000ltr Per Hour Jet Cook™ Ready Meal System Passes FAT

This week one of our customers visited us for a Factory Acceptance Test of their 4 Jet Cook Systems which will be delivered to site in the next three weeks.  The systems will be producing chilled ready meals and sauces for a selection of UK retailers, these will include British, European and Ethnic- style products as well as plant-based products.

Each 1500ltr system is capable of producing 1500ltrs of sauce in less than 60 minutes, with some sauces such as bechamel and tomato-based pasta sauces taking less than 40 minutes.  Using the Jet Cook technology dramatically reduces processing time and gives a superior product taste, texture, and particulate integrity.  There is also zero burn-on so cleaning time is also reduced.

One of the other unique features of the Jet Cook system is the ability to reduce fat and salt in your recipes.  In 2018, we successfully removed the equivalent of 22 London buses of fat and salt from a leading retailers product with the help of an Innovate UK grant of £1 million.

Following this installation, our Jet Cook specialists will spend time with Production, R&D and Technical to train them on both its operation and unique benefits.

If you would like more information on our unique and patented system please contact us at [email protected]