Jalfrezi Curry Sauce

Jet Cook™ Case Studies


To replicate the quality of the product produced by restaurant chefs in the kitchen, whilst also ensuring  this product quality is repeatable in large scale production.


To use our Jet Cook™ system combined with our Braising Bar and Recipe Management technology to replicate the traditional cooking processes used by the chefs.

After observing the chefs producing several batches of the product, we noted down the processes and the timings involved in critical areas such as the crackling of the spices, sweating off the onions and reduction cooking.

The Braising Bar was used to replicate the manual process of crackling the spices and the sweating of the onions. This was combined with the Recipe Manager to ensure and control repeatability by completely removing the production operative from making manual adjustments to the cooking process.

The particulates retain their integrity, colour, flavour and nutritional value by being rapidly cooked using the Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion unit.

This also gives the finished product an enhanced fresh flavour profile and reduces production time and energy use.


The reduction cook is controlled via the load cells and Recipe Manager which turn on and off the jacket and Braising Bar to ensure the reduction is controlled and burn-on is eliminated.

One of the top three best selling curries in the UK produced using traditional knowledge but cooked and controlled with state-of the-art world leading technology.

An ideal combination which together produces a chef/restaurant  quality product each time in large volumes.

"We found production times using Jet Cook to be dramatically quicker than traditional systems whilst also giving excellent finished product quality.”

 Nigel McGinn - V.P Operations - Kettle Cuisine - USA