Bechamel Sauce

Jet Cook™ Case Studies


Bechamel is a mother sauce for many dishes, and is one of the largest produced sauces in the world due to its many uses in ready meals and fillings.

Bechamel is a complicated product, as with bulk production comes a range of issues including burn-on, poor viscosity and varied texture.  This is due to the methods used to hydrate the starch and activate the flour; if these are not strictly controlled then repeatability and consistency cannot be guaranteed.


To produce a high quality Bechamel Sauce, we used our Jet Cook™ System unit in a 500 litre Steam-Jacketed Kettle.  Water and oil were added to the kettle and brought up to temperature. The flour, salt, starch and powders are added to the entrainment hopper, and the powder is inducted into the main vessel ensuring there are no lumps or agglomerations.

We entrain the starch and powder directly into the liquid (milk, cream, water) using our patented Powder Induction System. which will simultaneously heat, mix and add the required non-mechanical shear to the product.  By controlling the shear we can create different finished textures such as smooth or a more textured/floury finish, (as preferred in Italy/home   cooking.)

The data collected from the trial included ingredient addition stages, temperatures, shear and timings which can then be programmed into Recipe Manager.  An operator then only has to follow instructions on the screen, they will have no input into any of the cooking or processing stages, ensuring repeatability every time going forward.


A 1000kg batch was produced in 30 minutes with a single Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion Unit.  With the addition of a second unit the processing time can be reduced to 20 minutes.   

We are presently producing Bechamel in 8 different countries with throughputs of between 500ltrs and 5000ltrs per hour, all system have our Recipe Manager for repeatable product quality every time

” Bechamel Sauce with the use of Jet Cook, cooked in less than 20 minutes without any burn-on in the vessel or in the finished product.”

 Thijs van den Bosch - Process Development Manager -  Vaco-Bakkavor - Belgium