Meat & Pasta Sauces


When products such as ragu are produced using Jet Cook™, the particulate integrity of the meat, and the overall product quality is improved whilst also reducing the total processing time.

The combination of the Jet Cook™ and Braising Bar gives an incredible finished product quality. The braising bar sears and seals the meat giving it a moist and tender taste and also aids in its final integrity.

Sauces such as Arribiata and Tomato & Basil are made using just the Jet Cook Steam Infusion unit which generates more flavour and also improves colour/texture because of the rapid heating and no burn-on.

"Following extensive trials at the DCN test kitchen we purchased our first Jet Cook Steam Infusion System for the production of smooth, meat and particulate sauces for ready meals. The system was purchased to increase our capacity in a kitchen where space is at a premium, the system allowed us to produce our product to the same and sometimes better quality than our existing steam jacketed vessels, but at least 50% quicker.
Due to the success of the initial system we purchased another two systems within 6 months, which has almost doubled our cooking capacity and given us repeatable product quality with excellent finished product yields.
We have found the pre and post installation support from the DC Norris technical and product experts to be first class, they are working closely with our product and process development people to ensure we get the maximum benefits from our systems both now and in the future."

Robert Graham

General Factory Manager - Greencore Kiveton

Meat & Pasta Sauces
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Meat & Pasta Sauces
Meat & Pasta Sauces