Recipe Manager Software

Recipe Manager Software package provides a simple to use and flexible method of controlling a recipe-driven production process. 

Working closely with our customers to understand and identify what they require; we have developed the very best system in the market. 

The user-friendly system allows customers to create ingredient listings, step–by–step procedural recipes and user access security with all recipes stored to a relational database. The system maintains full records of kettle yields, allowing bar code identification from preparation through to packaging, and ensures all HACCP controls are met.

Automatic Supervisor Notification – supervisors will be notified immediately via email/SMS message of any process deviations outside of the recipe parameters.

Ingredient Addition Management (IAM) - create and manage the food preparation area including Barcode reading and RFID tagging where required.

New or modified functionality 2020:

  • Never lose data!

All logged data is buffered locally on the machine in the event the Server/PC is unavailable.

  • Track product through different machines

(For example when Cooking and Cooling).  Extensive “Step by Step”  multi-page reporting including custom reports based on operator input data.


  • Calculates pasteurisation values for pathogenic microorganisms (PU / PO)
  • Temperatures, cook times and motor speeds are automatically controlled by the recipe 
  • Visual display of plant layout and fault notification
  • Records all weights, temperatures, sequences, deviations, alarms and errors
  • Creates batch reports in text and graph formats
  • Piped additions are batched in automatically and verified by either load cell or flow meter
  • Touch screen for operator use
  • Displays machine operator HMI screens in real time (machine can be remotely controlled if required).   
  • Data can be exported to most popular formats such as Xls, Pdf and HTML 
  • Up to 600 high resolution images can be used in each Recipe (to guide operators).
  • Can interface to existing ERP/MRP systems
  • Manages all users and ingredients throughout the cooking process
  • Recipes can automatically scale ingredients for different batch sizes
  • Full Audit trail of all recipes
  • Can be setup as a client server installation where several users can use Recipe Manager at the same time
  • Automatic scaling. All additions (water / Ingredients) can be automatically scaled for any batch size.
  • SMS text communication can be sent to/from the Recipe Manager system to each machine.