Top Quality Jet Cook™ ‘Free From’ Desserts

This week we have been working with the Freaks of Nature R&D and Production team, conducting product and process training on their new Jet Cook and DA Cooling System.

The training took place at their West Yorkshire-based factory which is the largest dedicated gluten and dairy free, plant-based dessert factory in Europe. From here they create and produce a large range of vegan desserts and puddings.

Our brief was to use the Jet Cook System to replicate the exceptional product quality they currently achieve using traditional processing equipment, and also to reduce processing times and stages.

The rapid heating and simultaneous emulsification of the Jet Cook dramatically reduced total processing times and stages allowing our customer the flexibility to produce “just in time” if required.  After the cooking process, the product was transferred to the DA Batch Cooling system and cooled to below 5°C.  This replaces their present blast chill cooling method and cools the batch of mousse from 92°C to 5°C in approximately 120 minutes (product dependant).  Recipe Manager Software ensures that product quality is consistent throughout every batch.  

The recipes produced were of an extremely high quality, and the chocolate and lemon mousse was exceptional after cooking, cooling and whip up. The integrity of the apple pieces in the crumbles were also first class.  Claire Gallagher, their talented and innovative R&D Director, has worked alongside some of the world’s top Michelin Star chefs such as Raymond Blanc, which is apparent in the quality of the desserts.

We look forward to continuing to work hand-in-hand with Claire and the team on their new installation, to ensure they get the maximum benefits from their Jet Cook and Cool System.

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Top Quality Jet Cook™ ‘Free From’ Desserts
Freaks of Nature / Jet Cook Team  
Top Quality Jet Cook™ ‘Free From’ Desserts
Toffee Sauce 
Top Quality Jet Cook™ ‘Free From’ Desserts
Chocolate Sauce