Three Jet Processing Systems to leave DCN UK

With a combined throughput of more than 33,000 ltrs of finished product per hour, the latest of our award-winning Jet Processing systems are being dismantled at our product facility in the UK ready for shipping.

The systems will be producing a wide range of products including sauces and ready meals in the USA, condiment sauces and dressings in the UK, and Maheu and grain-based drinks in Africa.

The largest system will be producing 18,000ltr of beverages per hour (3x6000ltr batches), and entraining more that 900kgs of powder in less than 10 minutes.  It will be situated in one of the world’s largest beverage brands facility and be part of a multi-million pound product range expansion.

The twin 2750ltr Jet Processing System bound for the USA will be producing ready meals and sauces for large food retail companies.    The system is capable of producing 4x2750 ltr batches per hour with a single operator. During the PDI our customers comments were “exceptional attention to detail and an outstanding system to be proud of.”

The condiment system is 3 x 1500ltr with twin In-tank Jet Cook units, in-vessel homogeniser, tote bin lifter and recipe manager software.  Ketchup, cold dressings, mustards, marinades and sauces such as horseradish and mayonnaise will be produced at rates of 4,500ltrs per hour.

With the demand for both our Jet Cook Process Systems and our traditional cooking and cooling systems increasing year by year, we have extended our production facility by 150 sqm to include a new finishing bay equipped with a purpose built glass bead blasting room to give our systems the perfect finish to complement their performance.

Future plans for 2020 are for a dedicated Research and Development facility, and completion of our office extension and new reception areas.