Sauce, Relish and Marmalade with Jet Cook™ Australia

As the end of two weeks of Jet Cook™ training with customers across Australia draws to an end, we have had some exceptional results with three very different and challenging products.

This particular customer produces a wide range of products for food service, catering and further processing including mayonnaise, relishes, cooking sauces, marmalades and dressings.

The first two products we produced were a caramelised onion marmalade and a fresh tomato relish which utilised all three of the Systems functions; Jet Cook, Braising Bar and Vapour Reduction. The finished product taste and visual quality was first class and we also decreased the processing time and amount of stages.  Increased yield and less clean down time (due to reduced burn-on) were additional benefits.  The depth of flavour in the tomato relish was exceptional due to the Vapour Reduction System, as was the finished product colour

Next we produced a Hoisin Sauce for the catering industry, a product we had not tried before with Jet Cook.  This type of product contains a high percentage of miso paste and sugar syrup, which are extremely hard to heat without burning and contamination to the finished product flavour.

Using Jet Cook instead of the traditional jacket we reduced the processing time, and more importantly there was no burn-on. Jet Cook produced a high gloss finished product with a positive yield which was also a huge benefit.

The product batch size is usually only 900Kgs due to the difficulty they have in heating the product, we produced a 1400Kgs batch in a shorter processing time than the 900kg batch.

We have since received these lovely words from our customers Senior Food Technologist,  “Thank you very much for all of your efforts this week.  We had a team meeting this morning and the feedback was that we managed to get more from your visit than of any other equipment suppliers ever!”

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