Remote Product & Process Commissioning in Southern India

This week we have completed successful remote installation, and product and process training with our customer in Southern India.

Over the last 8 days the DCN engineers worked with our customers engineers and electricians to remotely install and commission their new 500ltr Jet Cook System complete with Braising Bar, Vapour Reduction and MADS.

The on-site team in India consisted of chefs, production and technical personal who were all dedicated professionals, the results being four successful product trials including Italian-style pasta and pizza sauces as well as an Asian cooking sauce.

All the products were cooked in exceptionally quick times with superb finished product quality and taste. Two of the sauces cook times were reduced from 3 hours to 45 minutes, and the customer was delighted with the quality and speed of the system. We have four more products to trial next week, including traditional Indian gravies.

We would like to thank our customer for the support and friendship shown to both the product training and installation team.