Remote and In-person Trials and Training Continue

The Covid pandemic hasn’t slowed down our product trials and training in the UK or Overseas.  During the last four weeks, we have remotely installed trained and run product in Africa and India via Teams and Zoom.

The installation in Uganda on a 18,000ltr beverage system, started in early December and was up and running before Christmas.  This system contained multiple In-line Jet Cooks and Powder Entrainment, and was designed to produce a wide variety of both traditional African beverages such as Maheu and Bushera as well as European beverages.

Our customers in Kerala had two days of remote training on their Ready-2-Cook Jet Cook System, before producing traditional Indian products such as Spicy Kabsa and Onion Gravy as well as European-style products such as Pizza Sauce.  Following these initial supervised trials, they continued on their own to make some amazing product using a combination of Jet Cook and the Braising Bar. The finished product quality was superior to their existing product, and was produced in less than 30% of the time.

This week, we will be providing product and process support to a customer in Croatia who wants to produce bechamel and meat-based sauces

The Product Development Kitchen has been busy and over the last 8 weeks we have cooked more than 9 different products, including Beef Pie Filling, Gravies, Cheese Sauce and a premium quality Lamb Casserole, all whilst observing strict Covid regulations.

The customers have been delighted with the finished product quality, as well as the reduced processing time and stages

If you would like to run a trial at our UK facility, then please contact [email protected] / +44 (0) 1767 677515.