Quality Pie Fillings from the Jet Processing Experts

Steak pies and chicken pies are two of the UK’s most popular flavours, and with the average Brit scoffing a whopping 2,160 pies during their adult lifetime, this is a huge UK and global market.

This week alone we have produced fillings in our Product Development Kitchen including Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken and Steak and Onion for two separate customers.   The finished product was of a high quality, and the processing times were reduced by more than 70% when compared to the times achieved using traditional steam-jacketed kettles.

Our most recent successes and installations have been in the UK, Australia and South Africa with both savoury and sweet pie and pasty fillings.   The DC Norris Jet Processing System combines our cutting-edge technologies, Jet Cook™ In-tank unit, High Temperature Braising Bar, MADS and Recipe Manager to give the ultimate all-in-one system.

In November we will be in Australia installing large Jet Process Systems, and completing product training with two separate customers who between them are producing approximately 2 million chilled and frozen pies for the Australian food market.