Product Development Trials Demonstrate Jet Cook™ Benefits

We were delighted this week to have our agents GTC from Israel over with a potential new Jet Cook customer.

The customer is a leading chilled meat producer who is now in the process of adding long shelf-life ready meals to his portfolio.

Our Product and Process Team evaluated the recipes and processes of some of his products including Beef Casserole, Thai Curry, Bolognese, Mashed Potato, Pasta and Rice. These had been cooked traditionally in Israel, and we made adjustments to allow the product to be produced on our Jet Cook System, with the intention of demonstrating the ingredient and processing advantages to the customer.  These included salt, starch and fat reductions as well as reduced processing times, cooking stages and energy consumption.

The changes included:

1.Searing meat prior to adding other ingredient to seal in the moisture/flavour to give the meat a superior mouth feel and flavour.

2.Utilising  the Jet Cook for:

a.Rapid but controlled heating of the product to reduce processing time

b.Reducing the physical and nutritional degradation of ingredients which occurs during long heating times with traditionmethods

c.Reducing the starch content of the product by 15%

d.Reducing salt by 50%+

e.Using 50% less energy than current methods.

3. Jet Cook was used in the Thai Curry to to create a stable emulsion on very viscose and high fat product, without any burn-on

4. Heating water for mash  potatoes is very time and energy consuminghe water was heated from ambient to 100C less than 3min

Our customer and agent were delighted with the quality of the finished product, the speed of processing and energy savings.

We also ran trials of spaghetti and rice with our newly launched CQC Adapt System demonstrating its product flexibility, water saving, energy saving and most impressively its controllability at every stage of processing.


Product Development Trials Demonstrate Jet Cook™ Benefits
Product Development Trials Demonstrate Jet Cook™ Benefits
Beef Casserole 
Product Development Trials Demonstrate Jet Cook™ Benefits
Bolognese Sauce