Pro-Pak Foods invest in the future with Jet Cook™ Technology

Following on from 5 days of product trials earlier this year at our UK test kitchen, Pro-Pak Foods, placed orders for 2x1500ltrs and 1x500ltr DCN  processing kettles. The kettles form part of a system that will incorporate our patented and award winning in- tank Jet Cook’s, high temperature Braising Bar and will be controlled with our recipe manager software.

Pro-Pak Foods is part of the Tonnies Group, a leading global multi-tier food business who produce more than 8m ready meals per year.  They make in excess of 200 different recipes across multiple cuisines, including British, Indian, Chinese and Vegetarian for the retail food sector.  Due to the diversity of their product range, we began product and operator training prior to the installation. This was on Pro-Pak’s new and existing recipes, including pasta sauces, curries and meat cooks. The Braising System was used to crack spices, fry onions, sear meat and cook out the vegetables.  It can achieve this much quicker and to a higher quality than when using traditional methods such as in a wok or bratt pan.  Using the braising facility automatically de-glazes and retains all the caramelizing goodness within the end product, whilst achieving fresher/cleaner flavours and particulate integrity.

Pro-Pak Business Improvement Manager commented “The braising bar for the mince beef is definitely a big win for our process, and the taste and texture of the sauces are taken to another level with the steam infusion in my view. The recipe management introduction was enlightening and to see how all stages can be tightly controlled via this software. The risk of errors should be substantially reduced and the visibility of the process through weights and charts is impressive”.

The In-tank Jet Cook system was used to reduce processing times and stages due to its rapid heating and mixing capabilities.  It also removed the need for a mechanical homogeniser on some products. Due to the controllability and flexibility of the Jet Cook System, we were also able to rapidly heat/cook meat, tomatoes and other delicate vegetables without damaging them.  The NPD and Process team at Pro-Pak and DCN were very happy with the results, and we can now look forward to the installation in a couple of months time.