Panama’s favourite dish no challenge for Jet Cook™

Last week in Panama we produced a traditional dish, Bistec Picado En Salsa using our Jet Cook Technology.

The product made up of 3 inch sliced steak and vegetables which can be used as a fajita filling but is more commonly served as a stew with rice or potatoes.  This is one of the customers most popular dishes and our objective was to deliver with both the visual and flavour.   One of the challenges was that the product has very little water and meat content of almost 80%, it is usually cooked on Bratt Pans with a cooking time of more than 4 hours. 


The meat was added to the vessel and our Braising Bar function was started.  Due to the design and build quality of our Steam Jacketed Kettles, the heat transfer is almost instantaneously.  Once the meat had been seared and vegetables added, we added a small amount of water and started the In-Tank Jet Cook on Low Shear and heated the product to 100oC.

The steam jacket was then started to hold the product at temperature until the meat was fully cooked.  We then started the Vapour Reduction and the excess water was removed from the product in 20 minutes.  This System is capable of removing between 2 and 6 litres of water a minute from the product and is also ideal for the cooking of jams and stocks. Finally, the starch slurry was added and the product was finished.

The finished product was a perfect match of the customers’ existing product and produced in only 70mins.