New Jet Process System Order for Southern India

Last week we were in both Southern and Northern India commissioning and training on a new Jet Processing Installation, and holding meetings with new customers.

The first part of the week was spent in Kerala with a customer who we originally met at Gulfood Manufacturing. They also visited our Product Development Kitchen two weeks ago in the UK where we ran trials for them. The products produced were all traditional Indian gravies and masalas, and were returned to their HQ in India where they were assessed by the technical team, process managers, marketing managers and taste panels.  All agreed that the DCN Jet Processing System was the technology they wished to install in their new production facility, to give them the product consistency, quality and dramatically improved processing times they were looking for.   Their new system will consist of Jet Processing System containing our multi-award winning Jet Cook™ unit, High Temperature Braising System, Vapour Reduction, Multi Aperture Discharge System, In-Vessel Homogeniser and will be controlled with Recipe Manager software. We expect to start installation in May 2020.

The rest of the week was spent in New Delhi, running Jet Cook™ product, processing and operator training with a company that employs 9,000 people over 5 sites and produces 60 tons of ambient Indian vegetarian meals a day.  With more than 350 recipes to look at we have arranged another three days of product training in early 2020.

The Jet Processing System is ideal for producing Indian dishes as the Braising System allows us to replicate the very difficult and precise process of crackling spices, and cooking-out the product to produce Rogan which is the base process  for all Indian cooking. The Braising System will heat the oil to temperatures in excess of 168c, which is required for the crackling of the spices to release the maximum amount of flavour.

The In-Tank Jet Cook unit will then rapidly heat the product back to boiling point after the inclusion of high volumes of liquids, vegetables, pulses or dairy products which will dramatically reduce the overall batch temperatures and increase the product quality and particulate integrity. The traditional method of heating the product back to temperature with a steam jacket can take up to 35 minutes, especially in a 1000ltr+ vessel.  The Jet Cook can heat 1000ltrs of product from 30°C to 98°C in less than 15 minutes; traditional methods can take up to 45 minutes. The high shear function will also release more flavours from spices and condiments, potentially allowing you to reduce these significantly.