Mushroom Soup produced with Jet Cook™ Technology

A restaurant quality mushroom soup cooked this week in our Product Development Kitchen has no thickening agents such as starch or flour, and is only thickened with homogenised fresh cooked vegetables.

It is currently made in 3kg batches on a stove in a restaurant kitchen; DC Norris’ objective was to replicate the quality in large batch size and to guarantee repeatability. The challenge is keeping the particulate integrity of the expensive and delicate mushrooms, as well as the fresh and well-balanced flavours created by the chefs.

The Jet Cook In-Tank unit simultaneously heats and mixes, accelerating the ingredients to 1000mtrs per second, meaning significantly more flavour is extracted.   During a long traditional steam jacketed cooking method, the nutritional value of ingredients can be lost; with Jet Cook, the rapid heating allows these to be maintained and gives a fresher tasting product.

DCN’s  Patented Braising Bar allows us to replicate the action of the chef's spoon in the pan, as well as the almost instantaneous heating you get from a gas flame in the restaurant kitchen. Combined with DCN’s handmade steam jacket, this gives us the capability to replicate the chefs sweating process of the onions and other vegetables.  Once the ingredients were soft we homogenised them with the In-Vessel homogeniser.

When the correct texture was achieved, we added the other ingredients and heated them with the Jet Cook With a combination of High and Low shear for 10 minutes.

The Recipe Management System allows for perfect replication of all the above processes ensuring repeatable product quality every time.

The finished product was a match for the restaurant produced a soup with fresh clean flavours and great mushroom integrity and produced faster than the traditional cooking time.