More Jet Cook™ trials for European Food Producers at DCN

Two days of Jet Cook™ trials were held this week at our UK test facility with one of Europe’s largest chilled and ambient food producers.

This company has 17 production facilities across 7 different countries with a huge portfolio of products, of which we trialled fruit compote, gypsy sauce and gratin-based sauces.

Fruit Compote:

The fruit compote was produced using Jet Cook™ In-Line and In-Tank units as well as our Powder Entrainment System.  This system entrained the starch and guar gum directly into the liquid in approximately 20 seconds with no lumps, fish eyes or agglomerations.  The finished product had fantastic fruit integrity and was produced 50% quicker than the existing production method.

Gypsy Sauce:

This is a very popular sauce in both Germany and Holland and was produced using our In-Tank Jet Cook™ Unit and Braising Bar combination. The sauce has a very high percentage of vegetables including gherkin, carrots, onions and peppers.  Good particulate integrity is key to the finished product quality of this recipe.

The sauce was produced 75% quicker than the traditional processing method, and with better finished product quality.

Gratin Sauce:

The gratin sauce is quite complicated, with a multi-stage process to ensure there are no lumps in the finished product.  Burn-on is also a concern with it being a very thick sauce. The starch was entrained via our Powder Entrainment system into the milk, cream and water.  Then oil, guar and cheese were added and the product was emulsified with our In-Line Jet Cook™ System. The finished product was produced in 10 minutes with an excellent emulsion, good viscosity and zero burn-on.


All the products produced had increased viscosity over the existing products, better colour and increased flavour. The opportunity to reduce ingredients such as starch, gum, natural colour and stock/spice packs is to be investigated.

Samples have been transported back to the customers European HQ for taste testing and analysis, and a follow up meeting is planned for October.