Meat Braising & Searing Made Easy with Latest Jet Processing Technology

The sometimes difficult processes of searing/braising/caramelising meat and vegetables to give that  perfect taste, texture and look to your pie filling, casserole, ragu have now been simplified with the latest additions to the DC Norris range of technologies.

Using a combination of our patented High Temperature Braising System and Fat Removal system fitted to our DC Norris Kettle & Jet Processing system, we can eliminate several major historic processing problems that customers face.

The first issue is the ability to reproduce the braising/searing effect produced traditionally using bratt cooking with low volumes of meat to achieve a dry and consistent colour and texture.  

The second is the time consuming, uncontrollable and dangerous process of draining fat and /or liquids from  meat and vegetables during the cooking process to both keep it dry and to allow a good sear/colour and flavour development. It also reduces the overall fat content in calorie and fat content sensitive recipes.

If the fat/liquid is not removed the meat takes on a boiled taste, texture and colour. This issue is also very prominent with the varied consistencies of onions, a basic ingredient in most recipes. When you are required to caramelise the onions as one of your first processing steps and a high volume of water is released once heat is applied this means you need to cook off/evaporate all the liquid before you can attain the colour and flavour you are looking for. In most processes this takes some time and when the water has eventually been evaporated your usually left with soggy onions resembling boiled, stewed onions with no particulate integrity.   

Using our Patented High Temperature Braising Bar System, in conjunction with our Fat Removal System, we can simultaneously braise/sear and drain off the excess fat and liquids keeping the vessel dry. This allows our braising system to colour and flavour the meat and vegetables to perfection. This is made possible by our specially designed multi-directional agitator with programmable Braising Bar which runs in conjunction with our steam jacket controls. As the meat or onions are cooking and releasing their fats and liquids, a specially designed valve opens and drains only the liquid from the bottom of the vessel. This can either be recovered so it can be added back later as part of the liquid used to slurry the starch or completely discarded. The recipe manager software and load cells can decide how long the valve is open and how frequently to allow all or part of the liquids to be drained.

The above photographs and video show the dramatic effect this can have on the finished product, and the recipe manager software ensures these are repeatable.

We use the same process for cracking spice for ethnic cooking and the production of samosa, ragu and pie fillings.   

To produce the perfect product using a single system you need a variety of cooking techniques that only the DC Norris Kettle and Jet Process System along with our fully qualified and experienced product and process development team are able to deliver.

Challenge us today and let 45 years knowledge assist you to make high quality, healthier and cost effective foods and beverages.