Major Indian Food Company Visits Panasar Foods to See Jet Cook In Action

Following a visit two weeks ago to India to see this major chilled and ambient food processing companies operation, a visit was arranged to the UK to see one of our many Jet Cook customers. Panasar Foods has used Jet Cook for more than 4 years now for the production of sauces, condiments, marinades, chutneys, curries etc. packed into a variety of jars, bottles and pouches for both retail and brand.

We watched a Sweet Chilli sauce being produced on one of the many Jet Cook Systems Panasar has, on this occasion a 2000ltr system with Recipe Manager and Braising Bar.

The product was produced in 30mins to the delight of our visitors who were amazed at the cooking time and simplicity of the operation, including the ingredient loading.


We would like to thank Panasar for their hospitality and allowing us to bring such a high profile customer to their facility