Luxury Rice Pudding with Jet Cook™

A high-quality Clotted Cream Rice Pudding was on the menu in our Product Development Kitchen this week. The customer specification was that the finished product must have a bright white finish with a high gloss and viscosity.   This can be a challenge using traditional methods, due to the high percentage of clotted cream and dairy which is easily burnt and over-processed.  

When produced on a steam jacketed vessel, even on low pressure steam you will still get some level of burn-on, and never achieve the bright white colour the customer requires. Cooking on a low-pressure jacket will also increase your cooking and agitation time, all of which are detriment to the product.

Jet Cook Method:

Using our patented In-Tank Jet Cook system we heated the dairy and sugar on High Shear to 70?C in 6 minutes.

The simultaneous heat and shearing reduces the droplet size of the fat/dairy particles which add to the creamy texture of the finished product.

Once the rice is added, the Jet Cook is reduced to Low Shear and the product was heated to 98?C in 8 minutes and held till the rice was cooked.

Total processing time – 400kg - 52 minutes

Traditional processing time - 400kg - 2 hours

The finished product had a bright white and high gloss finish with a luxurious cream texture.