Leading European Chilled Food Producer Starts 3 Days of Jet Cook™ Product Training

A large European chilled ready meal producer has started three days of product training ahead of the installation of multiple Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion systems, being installed in early 2019.

The first day of training with the chefs, technical, process and NPD team consisted of meat sauce cooking including bolognese, goulash, chilli con carne and other meat-based sauces.

The main aim was to train the team on how to convert traditionally cooked recipes to Jet Cook™, including the use of our patented Braising Bar and Recipe Manager System which are all included in the systems order by this customer.

All the cooks were produced in a reduced time when compared to traditional processing, with improved flavour profiles, meat integrity and yield.

Day two will consist of soups and ethnic sauces.