Jet Processing Systems – The Future of Pie Filling Manufacturing

In the last 8 week we have installed Jet Process Systems that are now producing more than 530,000.000 pie per year. Typical fillings include bacon and cheese, steak and onion, braised steak, chicken peri peri, meat and vegetable to name a few.

The combination of Jet Cook™ and High Temperature Braising System reduces the processing times of the fillings dramatically. A 1000kg batch of Steak and Onion with a 50% meat content takes 45 minutes rather than the traditional cooking time of over 90 minutes. The High Temperature Braising System is used to sear the meat, sealing in the moisture/flavour usually lost in boil cooks and creating a superior taste and texture to the meat. It is also used to soften or caramelise onions and vegetables to bring out the true sweetness of the vegetables.  

When the meat hits the scorching hot surface of our vessel, the surface of the meat instantly begins caramelising, this translates into the kind of deep savoury flavour that is desirable in our cooking. The braising bar then turns the meat over creating an even all round sear.  The searing action creates  a Maillard reaction in which amino acids and sugars break down large molecules and produce smaller molecules, which we perceive as flavour enhancement.

Once the meats and vegetables are seared, liquid, stock, water and wine are added to the vessel and the Jet Cook heats the product to temperature in single figure minutes without any damage to particulates for the final hold/cook.

This week we have also ran trials at our UK Product Development Kitchen on steak bakes and chicken and vegetable pie fillings with customers from the  UK, all with impressive results.

If you would like more information on Jet Cook pie fillings and other benefits it has over traditional steam jacket cooking,please contact us at [email protected]