Jet Processing goes to Croatia

Last week we completed five days of product, process, recipe and operator training with a new Jet Process customer in Croatia.

The system is producing a variety of traditional Croatian, Eastern European and Italian dishes including goulash, pasta fillings, broths and demi-glaze.

The Jet Processing System is capable of producing any of the products this customer requires to restaurant quality, in up to a third of the processing times of traditional cooking vessels.  The system comprises of a Ready-2-Cook Steam Jacketed Kettle equipped with In-tank Jet Cook, Braising System, In-vessel Emulsifier, Vapour Reduction System and is controlled by Recipe Manager software.

The added benefit of zero burn-on when using Jet Cook also reduces the turnaround time between batches, the amount of chemical used for cleaning as well as waste water disposal.  In addition an energy reduction of more than 50% over traditional processing equipment was achieved.

This particular customer built a new production facility to house his new meal/sauce operation, to compliment his already successful dried pasta business. They researched many other technologies before making the decision to partner with DC Norris.   This was based on the success of trials in our purpose built Development Kitchen,  the finished product quality and the ability DCN has to assist in the process and product development of their new lines. 

We look forward to working closely with our new partner and wish him all the success in his new venture.