Jet Process Shepherd’s Pie Filling For Leading UK Retailer

Last week we had the pleasure of running Jet Process Product Trials with one of the UK’s leading chilled ready meal producers, who is an existing Jet Cook customer.

We were asked to look at the cooking of a high quality Shepherd’s Pie recipe, and a new product improvement launch for the company.

The present multi-stage process involves cooking the lamb mince separately and then draining the fat off. The meat is then transferred to a separate vessel with the cooked vegetables, and the process is continued with a traditional steam jacket. This process takes in excess of 2 hours and uses two cooking vessels with yield loss at each stage and with the added disadvantage of two vessels to clean.

To obtain the perfect results involves a number of different process stages and that’s exactly what our new Jet Process System achieves.

Firstly we added the mince to the Jet Processing Vessel and started the High Temperature Braising Bar to begin the searing process and to release fat/oil from the lamb. We then added the onions to the vessel and seared these with the lamb and free fat/oil. Once the onions and meat had been seared sufficiently we opened our MADS system and drained the excess fat from the vessel. The other ingredients were then added in different stages and our Jet Cook In-Tank was used to cook the items. All our cooking methods, weights, times and temperatures were recorded and controlled with our Recipe Manager Software. The total processing time for the like for like batch size was 45 minutes, more than 60% quicker with less processing stages and vessels.

The customer was pleased with the results, and following an internal taste panel a few days later the senior management team were also delighted with the product flavour and processing time.

If you would like some further information then please visit our website at or visit us in person on stand at the PPMA show from October 1-3 in Birmingham, or at Process Expo in Chicago from the 8th-11th October.