Jet Cook™ Vegan Desserts

This week we ran three very exciting trials of plant-based desserts for one of the UK’s leading vegan dessert producers.

Following several site visits and presentations, three trials were agreed and ran at our UK-based test kitchen in Sandy, Bedfordshire. The increasing demand for their products has meant the Company are looking to invest in new cooking and cooling equipment. 

Our customer was looking to reduce both the processing stages and times of their desserts, whilst maintaining their excellent product quality. Presently their process includes pre-mixing of powders, and homogenisation stages followed by beating and/or slow mixing and heating. Current batch cooking times are approximately 50 minutes, followed by 50 minutes of cooling.

The three products we trialled were Chocolate and Toffee Mousse and Apple Compote.

Our solution was to use a combination of DCN’s patented Jet Cook System and Tumble Chiller technologies to cook and cool the product.  The high shear function of the Jet Cook was used to both heat, homogenise and mix in the powders simultaneously. We then reduced the Jet Cook to low shear to allow for the gentle mixing and heating required for both the types of starches being used, and to retain the particulate integrity of the apple.

The cooking process was reduced by 70%, processing stages reduced from 5 to 2 and the batch size increased 5 times. Once cooked, the product was cooled to below 4°C in less than 20 minutes.Overall the combined cooking and cooling time was reduced by more than 50%, and we processed 5 times more product to the same excellent finished product quality.

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