Jet Cook™ Training Reduces Maheu Processing Time

Whilst visiting customers Take 5 in South Africa last week, we reviewed the process and heating sequences of their Maheu and Mabela production.

With some small changes to their heating profiles and adjustments to the in-line Jet Cook operation, we were able to reduce the processing time by almost 50%, and completely remove a holding process that had been added some years ago.

The product was filled into bottles and went through an accelerated shelf-life test, and a taste panel which it passed with flying colours.

This reduction in processing time is a huge benefit to the customer enabling them to almost double their production.

Take 5 produce more than 100,000ltrs of finished product per week on their 16,000ltrs per hour Jet Cook System.    The system was installed 6 years ago and comprises of 4 In-Line Jet Cooks and a Powder Entrainment System to produce local drinks Maheu and Mabela. This replaced their existing 12 Steam Jacketed Vessels.

Proper training and servicing is essential to obtain optimum performance of your systems, and our experts are readily available to assist.

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