Jet Cook™ takes another slice of the UK Premium Pie Filling Market

Less than 3 weeks after placing an order for their first Patented Jet Cook System, a leading premium branded chilled pie producer has ordered a second system.

They will produce pie fillings, béchamel and additions to their other products such as caramelised onion and reduced mushrooms.

The System also has Braising Bar and Vapour Reduction which will enable them to sear meat and vegetables to get restaurant quality cook, flavour and texture, as well as the ability to produce reduction cooks and stocks.

The Jet Cook System allows for rapid heating and zero burn-on cooks, and dramatically improves finished product flavour and particulate integrity.

Our customer trialled two other cooking technologies, steam-jacketed vessels, pressure cooking and vacuum cooling.

The steam jacketed system produced burn-on with the Bechamel sauce and a lengthy cook/processing time.

This week we also produced Cottage and Shepherd’s pie filling for the largest potato topped pie producer in the UK.

Using Jet Cook, we reduced the processing time by 50% and gave the customer flexibility to drain fat from the product during cooking by using our patented Multiple Aperture Discharge System. The finished product quality was excellent including a superior colour and texture compared to their existing product.

If you would like any further information on our pie filling processing please visit our website at  or contact +44 (0)1767 677515.