Jet Cook™ Steak & Lamb Ragu Trials

Last week we ran Steak and Lamb Ragu trials with a leading UK manufacturer of chilled ready meals in the Product Development Kitchen at our headquarters in the UK.

The objective was to improve the meat texture, flavour and distribution for their high quality Lasagne and Moussaka Ready Meals.

Firstly, the meat was seared using the Braising Bar System which mimics the manual cooking process of a bratt pan where the meat is seared for a few seconds, then turned over to get an even cook and colour.

Once the meat had been seared, the remaining ingredients were added and the Jet Cook™ System took the product from 45°C to 98°C in approximately 6 minutes. This rapid and controlled heating, with no moving parts ensures even heating throughout the vessel, as well as excellent particulate integrity and distribution.

The system is operated by Recipe Manager Software so each cook / braise is completed using the same process and time, ensuring 100% repeatability and yields.  This compares favourably to a normal kitchen environment where each chef will sear/braise meat and cook differently giving slightly varied results each time.

The finished product quality was excellent with improved taste and texture.  

Jet Cook™ Steak & Lamb Ragu Trials
Jet Cook System  
Jet Cook™ Steak & Lamb Ragu Trials
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Jet Cook™ Steak & Lamb Ragu Trials
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