Jet Cook™ South African Test Facility

Last month we completed our third visit this year for customer trials at our South African Jet Cook test facility at CPUT.

The four different recipes trialled included Maheu, chutney, high solid starch slurries, condensed milk, caramel and sauces.  Some of these trials involved using the Universities Food Science department for in-depth testing and qualification of starch gelatinisation, fat particle size analysis and microphotography of the finished products, which is a great facility to offer our customers.

Maheu is now a staple product for Jet Cook with multiple systems throughout Africa producing between 2000 and 18000ltrs per hour.

The ability to entrain powder at rates up to 600kgs in 3 minutes and heat with our In-line Jet Cook Units in a single pass to 140°C+  in less than 2 metres is proving to be a great attraction to both our existing Maheu, condensed milk and pet food customers and new ones.

The combination of the Jet Cook and Braising Bar is continuing to attract customer from ready meals, pie fillings and jams/chutneys categories. The ability to either soften or braise vegetables and/or meat quickly, evenly and in a controlled manner giving the same result time after time has huge payback potential. Bells Food Group in Glasgow has had this facility on two of their 1500ltr Jet Cook Systems for more than two years with outstanding results.

Due to the high demand in Africa for our Jet Cook System, we have further trials booked at CPUT the first two weeks in July.