Jet Cook™ Sauce and Ready Meal Trial With Leading UK Manufacturer

This week we completed our second week of Jet Cook on-site training and trials with one of the UK’s largest chilled food manufacturers.

The focus was on the combination of both our In-line and In-tank Jet Cooks along with the patented Powder Accelerator, for the production of cheese and béchamel sauces.

The first product trialled was a 350Kg batch of a high-quality cheese sauce for one of the UK’s leading supermarkets. Specifically, we were testing the Jet Cooks ability to deal with the large blocks of 3-inch mature cheddar cheese in the recipe.  Firstly, the liquids and cheese were heated together with the In-tank Jet Cook unit then ran through the In-line and Powder Accelerator Systems. The 35Kgs of powder were entrained in 7 seconds into the milk and melted cheese mix, and the total processing time for the 350Kg batch was 12 minutes.

Our Powder Accelerator can entrain starches, gums, hydrocolloids, stocks, gelatine, milk powder and many more powders directly into the liquid without any lumps, fish eyes or agglomerations whilst also heating, homogenising and hydrating when required. Our larger systems are capable of entraining, mixing and heating 600Kgs of powder in 3 minutes and are in operation globally.