Jet Cook™ reduces processing times

Improving the processing times and product quality of three recipes was the objective during a pre-delivery product and processing training this week.

Two types of curry and a macaroni cheese proved to be no problem for Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion and Braising Bar technology, and we were able to simplify their process by removing some of the existing stages. The combination of the reduced processing stages and the rapid heating and mixing of the Jet Cook System reduced the cook times of all three recipes, one by more than 75% (three times quicker).

The customer also saw an improvement in the quality of the products - the cheese sauce was of a thick consistency with a bright shiny colour due to the high shear* capability of the Jet Cook Steam Infusion unit whilst also rapidly heating.  This dual function allows us to gelatinise starches far better than traditional jacket heating and with no jacket, there is no burn-on.    

The Braising Bar technology was used to cook the onions and crack the spices for the Butter Chicken recipe, releasing more flavours and aromas than traditional cooking methods. The ability to control the shear of the Jet Cook™ unit with our Recipe Manager allowed us to achieve the partial butter separation traditionally associated with the Butter Chicken product.

The team were delighted with both the finished product results and the simplicity of the operation.

There will be a further three days of operator and process training on site in March following the installation of their Ready2Cook Jet Cook System.

*(none mechanical)