Jet Cook™ Product & Process Training - Day Two

Yesterday’s training was based around soups and sauces which included Borscht, Pumpkin Soup, and Beef Goulash.

As per the previous days trials the Braising Bar was used alongside our Jet Cook Steam Infusion System to give an authentic and repeatable finished product.

The Braising Bar was used to sear the vegetables in the soups to give a “sweetness” you would only usually get with homemade soup.  It also seared/browned the steak to keep in the moisture and create a “home-cooked” texture.  Watch the braising bar in action

Once the ingredients had been braised/seared and the remaining ingredients added, the Jet Cook Steam Infusion was used to take the total batch to its final temperature in single figure minutes. This ensures that the product colour and nutritional value is maintained, which when using a steam-jacketed vessel can be lost due to much longer processing times.

Today is Italian sauce day and will include carbonara and tomato and mascarpone.