Jet Cook produces restaurant quality meals

Last week we ran our second day of product trials with a chilled ready meal and meat producer from the North of England, who supplies both high end retail and airline meals. Due to an increase in demand for the customers products, they now need to scale up their processing capability, without affecting their product quality. 

After discussing the customers present and potential future requirements, and spending a day at their facility observing the products being produced using bratt pans and ovens, we introduced our Jet Cook System,  Pump Fill Station and Tumble Chiller.

Risotto, Ragu, Creamy Mash Potato and Macaroni Cheese Sauce were all produced with the Jet Cook System, and we utilised the Braising Bar and MADS (Multi Aperture Discharge System) to sear and drain fat from the meat simultaneously during cooking.

All the products produced were cooked in a fraction of the traditional cooking time with exceptional finished product quality.  The products were then deposited into bags via our Pump Fill Station and cooled in less than 60 minutes from 92°C to below 5°C.

DC Norrris’ Recipe Manager Software was used to fully automate the entire process. 

Jet Cook produces restaurant quality meals
Jet Cook Trials  
Jet Cook produces restaurant quality meals
Mash Potato 
Jet Cook produces restaurant quality meals