Jet Cook™ Produces Restaurant Quality Carne De Res Estofada Funda

Whilst in Panama last week, the team cooked a traditional central American-style casserole, Carne De Res Estofada Funda. This dish has a very high percentage of large diced steak and can be a challenge to get an even cook, it also takes a long time when using traditional processing equipment.

Using DC Norris’ latest food processing technology, we were able to reduce the customers’ processing time from 3 hours to just 60 minutes with the finished product flavour being as good as their existing one, but with more visible meat and intact vegetables.

Our solution was to use a combination of Jet Cook™ and Braising Bar to reduce the manual agitation, processing stages and the cooking time, whilst maintaining their high product quality.  The Braising Bar allows us to replicate the action of the chefs paddles in the open bratt pans, and gives almost instantaneous heating from our jacketed vessel.   This would not be achievable with a gas-fired bratt pan for such a large volume of meat.

The Braising Bar has multi-functional settings such as forward only, forward pause, forward-pause-reverse and a selection of speeds. This combined with the handmade steam jacket (which can deliver up to 7barg steam), gives us the capability to  sear/braise the meat in a fraction of the traditional processing time and most importantly a more even and non-manual cook.

Whilst we seared the meat, a large amount of steam was created so we activated the Vapour Reduction System which instantly stopped steam from exiting the vessel, giving a much more pleasant and safer environment and less odours for the surrounding areas.

When you have seared the meat the other ingredients are added to the vessel, including vegetables, stock and water causing a large drop in temperature.  By using the Jet Cook on Low Shear we heated the 490Kgs of product back to 100°C in less than 3 minutes causing no damage to the delicate vegetable or meat.

This was a great team effort and a successful outcome for the product, NPD and process team at Monte Azul.