Jet Cook™ Pie Filling Week

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Last week was very busy in the Product Development Kitchen with two different pie producers running cooking and cooling trials using the Jet Cook System, new Model 400 Heat Seal Pump Fill Station and Tumble Chiller.

The first customer had two very different béchamel sauce recipes, one dairy-based with milk and the other containing more than 75kgs of powders including flour, SMP, starch and mustard flour.

The cooking time of both sauces is currently more than 2 hours on Electric Kettles; using Jet Cook we reduced the time down to less than 30 minutes.  In both cases, due to the positive effect the Jet Cook had on the hydration of both starch and flour, additional water can be added to give a higher yield.

The customer was delighted with the finished product quality, yield, processing and cooling time. The product had a much smoother and creamier mouth-feel than the existing product.

The objective of the second customer trial was to reduce the cooking and cooling times, and produce a higher quality finished product to their Steak Bake and Steak & Ale Pie Fillings.   We used the Braising Bar on both recipes to sear the meat, sealing in the juices and giving a better taste and mouth-feel to the meat.  Once the meat was seared, liquids were added and the product was taken to over a 100°C in less than 3 minutes using the patented In-tank Jet Cook Unit.  Once the temperature was reached, the product was held until the meat was tender before thickeners were added.  The customer commented on the improved visual look of the filling, viscosity and the particulate integrity.

The traditional processing time of these two recipes is in excess of 120 minutes, the fillings were cooked on the Jet Cook System in less than 60 minutes.

Both products were then transferred via the Model 400 Heat Seal Pump Fill Station to the Tumble chiller and cooled from 90°C to below 5°C in 90 minutes. 

Watch the videos on Youtube of these 4 sauces being cooked:

Steak Bake Filling 

Steak & Ale Filling 

Béchamel Sauce (Whole Milk) 

Béchamel Sauce (Powder Based) 



Jet Cook™ Pie Filling Week
Steak Bake  
Jet Cook™ Pie Filling Week
Steak & Ale Pie Filling 
Jet Cook™ Pie Filling Week
Bechamel Sauce