Jet Cook™ Pie Filling Trials get the Seal of Approval

Steak & Ale Pie filling was the dish of the day for our customer and well known award-winning chef.

Due to the accelerating demand for products from his high end catering business, our customer challenged us to replicate the top quality pie filling made in traditional bratt pans and pressure cookers, but with a larger batch size. Quality was the number one priority; processing time and yield were irrelevant if this was not achieved.  

Firstly we used our High Temperature Braising System to seal the meat and prevent moisture/juices escaping. We then seared the meat at 150°C+ to get the required texture and flavour you would normally achieve with the bratt pan. The vegetables were then added and sweated to release their sweetness.

In traditional restaurant cooking the product would then be added to a pressure cooker along with the ale and cooked for approximately 90 minutes.  Instead, in the same vessel we added the ale and used our award-winning Jet Cook™ to heat the product to 98°C in single figure minutes, we then slowly agitated it to ensure an even distribution of flavour. Once large amounts of liquids are added to a product the drop in temperature is dramatic. When using traditional cooking methods it would take as long as 30 minutes to heat a 300kg batch back to 98°C, with the Jet Cook System it takes only 3 minutes.

Another benefit of Jet Cook is its simultaneous rapid heating and intense mixing, which gives an enhanced flavour to the gravy.  When this is combined with the first stage of braising, we achieved a flavoursome and quality finished product.

We also managed to reduce the processing time by 45 minutes, made a much larger batch size than can be made presently and an increased yield.  All the data from the trial can now be entered into our Recipe Manager to ensure each and every batch is produced the same way and to the same finished quality required by our customer.

With over 4000 products trials under our belt across more than 80 countries, our product and process knowledge in the global food industry is second to none. Please contact us to see how we can help you get the best out of your products.