Jet Cook™ Pasta Sauce Week

Last week we completed pre-production trials on a large variety of pasta sauces for two major UK chilled food producers.

The first set of trials and training were carried out at our UK test facility on meatball sauce, lasagne ragu and macaroni cheese.  The second set were carried out at our customers site in London on their new Ready-2-Cook Jet Cook System and again covered products such as macaroni cheese and bolognese sauce.   

The DCN team used a combination of Jet Cook, Braising Bar, MADS and our Recipe Manager System, as well as some unique processing steps.

Our customers have found that using MADS, (Multiple Aperture Drainage System) gives them a huge benefit, both in time and finished product quality.  The system automatically drains unwanted excess water from onions or fat from meat during the cooking process.  By keeping the onions and meat dry during the braising process you create the cooking profile you would usually get from a bratt pan or wok, without the difficulty of manually draining the liquid. The liquids drained from the meats and vegetables are either captured via our drop down valve and used to slurry the starch, or sent straight to the drain.  

Another huge benefit to our two customers is the capability they now have to cook the macaroni pasta in the cheese sauce rather than having a four stage process (pasta cook, pasta chill, sauce cooking and pasta and sauce mixing).

Due to the unique operating capabilities of the Jet Cook System, we are able to cook the sauce and pasta together giving a superior finished product quality and the ability to reduce starch levels by up to 50%.

This week we are running product and operator training on Indian cuisine with a new Jet Cook customer in London.

Jet Cook™ Pasta Sauce Week
Ready 2 Cook Jet Cook System  
Jet Cook™ Pasta Sauce Week