Jet Cook™ Kettle Systems head to the FIFA World Cup 2022

Multiple systems left our UK manufacturing facility today packed and ready to be shipped to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

These systems will be feeding the millions of supporters and personnel for the event taking place in December 2022 in the State of Qatar.

They include multiple Jet Cook Kettle Systems, Tumble Chillers, Sous Vide Cook Tanks and Bratt Pans.

A huge range of International cuisines will be produced to cater for the estimated 3.5 million supporters expected to attend the event from 38 different countries, as well as the 600,000 support staff.

DCN’s Product and Process team have been invaluable in assisting the customer to specify the correct systems and equipment to cater for the very diverse customer base.  DC Norris’ Jet Cook Kettle Systems are producing products globally in countries such as USA, Panama, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Europe, India and South/ Central Africa, giving us the experience to advise our customers and deliver a large range of traditional dishes, from the UK’s Scrambled Egg to India’s Dal Makhani.

We expect the systems to be installed in September followed by extensive product and process training from our team.