Jet Cook™ is the first choice for Pie Fillings

Following several trials at our UK R&D Centre in Sandy, Great Gransden, we have received an order from the UK’s leading Premium Quality Branded Chilled Pie Manufacturer for a 500ltr Jet Cook™ System.

The trials demonstrated the quality and speed of our system, its flexibility with different viscosity products and there was no burn-on contamination.  The Roux Bar gives the capability to produce high-quality roux bases for the pies, while the Recipe Manager system controls the whole process including recording temperatures, ingredient weight additions, yields and holding times.

The system comprises of a 500ltr kettle complete with In-Tank Jet Cook, Roux Bar, In-Vessel Homogeniser, Load Cells, Tote Bin Lifter and Recipe Manager.  

We expect to run customer operative and process training sessions in our Product Development Kitchen, to give the operatives unhindered training prior to installation.