Jet Cook™ gets approval from Strathmore Foods and “Mr Macaroni”

Strathmore Foods, one of Scotland’s leading premium branded ready meal producers, took ownership of their two new Jet Cook™ Systems this week.

The successful family-owned business produce as much as 13 tons of Macaroni Cheese a day, with some innovative inclusions such as Mexicana Cheese, Smoky Sausage, Bacon and soon to be released Smoked Salmon.  

The move from their traditional processing methods of steam jacketed vessel to the Jet Cook™ System was one Strathmore didn’t take lightly, and followed several trials at our test facility in Great Gransden and meetings at their site.

This week working closely with NPD and Operations, we converted most of their key products such as Macaroni Cheese, Stovies, Steak Pie Filling, Corned Beef Hash and Cottage Pie Fillings to Jet Cook™ processing in only three days.  99% of the product produced was in specification first time, with some dramatically reduced processing times and stages.

The combination of the Jet Cook™ and Braising Bar when producing pie fillings and stovies, enables the customer to achieve excellent particulate integrity and texture of the meat. The Macaroni Cheese was produced using no mechanical homogenisation, with a smooth finished product texture and fresh cheesy flavour.  We also combined the usual two stage processing of the sauce and the pasta into one single operation which saves Strathmore time, water, energy and labour costs.

It was a pleasure working with such an innovative and forward thinking company, and as an extra bonus we had a special visit from “Mr Macaroni”himself to give us his seal of approval.