Jet Cook™ & DSI Combine to Produce Amazing Curries

Last week we installed two of our world-leading Jet Cook Systems into DSI’s new facility close to London Heathrow Airport.

The system complete with Braising Bar, In-Vessel Homogeniser and Recipe Manager technology will be used to produce a new range of curries to a quality and taste not seen in the UK before.

The recipes created by two of the world’s leading Indian chefs, Chef Puneet Arora and his father Chef Satish Arora are unique in both the process and the flavour combinations. Their forward and initiative thinking combined traditional Indian ingredients and cooking, with the unique benefits of the Jet Cook.

We initially used the Braising Bar to cook the onions to a deep caramelised colour, and then added spices and other ingredients to start the base masala. The Jet Cook then rapidly heated the product to 100°C+ to release the Rogan (oils from the spices and other ingredients).

The difficulty when scaling up production from a small pan or Bratt pan is the time it takes once bulk ingredients such as tomatoes, yoghurt, meat or vegetables are added to the base masala. When ingredients such as yoghurt, coconut cream or any other dairy product are added you are likely to have burn-on and potential product contamination.

Using Jet Cook we took 280kgs of product, containing cream and coconut milk from 23°C to 100°C in only 3mins, with zero burn-on.

The rapid heating and mixing also gave a much fresher, better colour and more rounded flavour to these delicious dishes.

All the curries we produced were approved by Chef Arora and his team, and the trials were overlooked by their technical consultant Andrew Niznic to ensure food safety was adhered to at all times.

We look forward to working with DSI again in the very near future and wish them all the best in their new venture