Jet Cook™ Condiment Trials in Product Development Kitchen

Last week we were visited by one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high volume retail and branded condiments, mustards and dressings. Together, we ran two days of trials using our patented Jet Cook™ System on a variety of retail and branded condiments including ketchup, mint sauce, brown sauce, mustards, low fat mayonnaise and chilli sauces.  All the products were produced much quicker than the existing steam system, but more importantly using less processing stages, equipment and 30% less steam. The Jet Cook™ system we are proposing, will also use 75% less footprint than the existing system with much simpler controls, data recording facilities and still give the same throughput as their existing equipment.

Products such as tartar sauces and low-fat mayonnaise had a much brighter appearance than the existing products.  The colour, flavour and texture of the finished product were as good and sometimes better than the existing products.

We look forward to the next stage and hopefully working with the customer on their processing upgrade.