Jet Cook™ Condensed Milk System meets increased demand in Malaysia

Malaysia is the largest condensed milk user in the world and demand to produce the product is growing every year alongside the rise of energy costs.  The Malaysian condensed milk market in 2019 was 209,590.00 metric tons, in 2020 this grew to 321,400.00 metric tons and is expected to reach 400,000.00 in 2021.  

Condensed milk in Malaysia is used for cooking and beverages, and is a commodity due to the lack of any significant chilled food supply that would usually use fresh milk.

Our customer required a system which would produce excellent quality product for both the foodservice and retail markets in large throughputs. The system that DC Norris proposed met the demands of this highly competitive marketplace whilst also ensuring reduced energy, labour, ingredient and waste costs.

After 18 months of trials and manufacturing, our 7,500ltr per hour Jet Cook Condensed Milk System is now operational in Malaysia. The system will produce 3x2500ltr per hour with a single operator.

The system comprises of:

  •        2500ltr Insulated Vessel
  •        2x In-Line 50 Jet Cook Heads
  •        500ltr Powder Entrainment unit
  •        Powder Handling/loading system
  •        Single pass cooling system
  •        Recipe Manager software.

For more information on Condensed Milk Jet™ Cook Systems or for any other processing queries, please contact [email protected]