Jet Cook™ Condensed Milk System Leaves For Indonesia

Leaving our factory today, a 5,000ltr per hour Jet Cook™ System bound for Indonesia, one of the largest users of condensed milk in the world.  The footprint of this system is approx. 30 sq. metres, which is half the footprint required to produce the same volume traditionally. 

Large volumes of powder can be entrained at high speed, whilst simultaneously heating and emulsifying which gives the product identical  flavour and texture as traditional processing methods of evaporation.

Because of this combined heating and emulsification (non-mechanical), we have found we do not need to lactose seed the product, which reduces another long and expensive processing stage.

The other advantage over the evaporation method  is zero burn-on, so a consistent colour is achieved. This results in a dramatic reduction in cleaning time, water usage, waste product in the heat exchanges and caustic use.  We have found with our existing condensed milk systems in countries like Azerbaijan the energy reduction has been more than 50%, and the systems can be operated by just one person.

This is the first of two large condensed milk systems currently being manufactured at DCN, the next one is due to leave for Malaysia in the next 4 weeks.

Did you know?

  •        Volume/throughput could be increased by 50% by adding two more In-Line Jet Cooks!
  •        This system is very similar in design to our Maheu and Bushera systems, with different ingredients involved.

If you would like more information on our condensed milk systems or our other beverage systems such as Maheu then please contact us at [email protected]