Jet Cook™ Condensed Milk Business Development Moves Forward in South East Asia

This week we visited two clients in South East Asia following on from visits and condensed milk trials at our Product Development Kitchen in the UK last week along with our agents – Goodtrend.

Our first customer, who we originally presented to at their office three months ago, is building a new facility to produce condensed milk, which he will also use to export the product to Indonesia. The trials in the UK demonstrated DCN’s incredible Powder Entrainment technique and the ability of our patented Jet Cook™ System to rapidly heat and emulsify the product, without the need of a mechanical homogeniser. Production samples kindly sent to us from Azersun,* confirmed to our customer that the test system results and the production samples were the same.  This demonstrated the capability to accurately scale up from a 300kg batch to batches in excess of 2000Kgs. A quotation has now been requested and follow up meeting will take place in the UK in the next couple of months.

Our second customer is the largest producer of condensed milk in South East Asia, with multiple factories employing more than 8000 people.

We presented our Jet Cook™ technology to them some months ago and following on from their own research into other technologies, a trial has now been booked in the UK in November at our UK test facility.  

We presented products produced in large scale from our existing Jet Cook™ customers in Azerbaijan and Africa, as well as product produced using a recipe developed by our Jet Cook™ Specialist in the UK.   The emulsion strength and particle size distribution was almost identical, demonstrating the ability to accurately scale up the product.

A meeting to finalise the trial protocol will be held on our stand at the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition in November in Dubai.  If you would like any further information on the Jet Cook™ technology and its capabilities then please come and visit us!

*Azersun in Azerbaijan have been producing condensed milk on our Jet Cook™ System for more than three years.