Jet Cook™ Asian Food Training, Australia

This week we completed advanced product and operator training at a chilled and frozen Asian food producer in Australia.

Their new state-of-the art Ready-2-Cook Tilting Kettle with Jet Cook, produced some high quality products, which are usually created using Steam Jacketed Vessels. They were cooked in a fraction of the traditional processing time (3x quicker in some instances), and with improved finished product quality.

Our experience of cooking in India helped the customer to maximise the flavour generation for cracking the seeds and cooking out the spices, to deliver the much desired traditional home cook flavour. We were able to reduce their processing stages and give superior particulate integrity to meat and vegetables, especially the vegetable samosa filling and beef massaman curry.

We also produced a cheese and chive polenta, which requires a 90 minute clean-down after a traditional cook.  Our system halved the cooking time and had zero burn-on.

The customer was delighted with the operator and product training and has requested a follow-up in 6 months to assist with some new product launches.