International Jet Cook™ Condensed Milk and Con Leche Trials

DC Norris held six trials in two days in our Product Development Kitchen producing a variety of condensed milk recipes including high and reduced fat, long shelf life, added vitamins and zero additives.

Our customer currently purchases the product from a manufacturer overseas and then re-packs it, but due to an increase in volume and costs they are looking at new solutions. 

They were interested in DC Norris’ Jet Cook due to its’ small footprint of approximately 60sq feet, reduced energy usage, product flexibility and the high speed of production.  Jet Cook also eliminates the issue of burn-on which can be problematic with dairy product.

Utilizing a combination of our in-line Jet Cook System and Powder Entrainment System, we were able to entrain the powders into the liquid phase at approximately 35kgs per minute.  The simultaneous heating and shearing of the Jet Cook generated particles sizes of approximately 3 micron, and heated the product to 93?C in less than 10 minutes. Across the trials we achieved a measurement of between 71 and 79 brix, dependent on the recipe.

For the final trials we produced a butter condensed milk, which was then converted into Con Leche by utilising the Braising Bar technology to further cook the product to 114?C with a finished brix of 81.

DCN’s Jet Cook systems currently produce condensed milk in Azerbaijan, Kuala Lumpa, Malawi and Indonesia at throughputs of between 2,000 and 15,000ltr per hour.

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