Indian Food Company try out Jet Cook™ to increase daily production

This month DC Norris were invited to spend two days in a major food producers factory in Central India, in production with their chefs and cooks.  The company employs more than 7,000 people across India and four other countries and has more than 11 production facilities.  They produce chilled, ambient and frozen curries, gravies, masalas and sweets mainly for the local market, but now increasingly overseas as well.

We were asked to provide them with a solution to increase capacity, standardise cooks and reduce energy and water consumption.  Currently they produce 80 tons of savoury products per day from just one facility, and the brief is to increase this daily production to 85 tons.

One of the most critical areas of curry/gravy production is the crackling of the spices, if this is not done correctly before other ingredients are added the product is ruined. Currently the products are cooked on electric kettles and once other ingredients such as tomatoes, water, vegetables etc. are added, the drop in the product temperature is huge, (from about 120°C to 10°C.) This then takes the kettles more than 30 minutes to reach a boiling point, taking the total batch time to more than 50 minutes.

The following day we presented our findings and solutions which included using DCN’s patented Braising Bar to crackle the spices and award-winning Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion to take the product back to boiling point.  Our Recipe Manager Software will ensure repeatable finished product quality.   The conclusion was we could reduce the processing time to 25 minutes and remove more than 10 of the present cooking systems.

The second facility we visited was a dessert factory, they produced a staggering 350 tons of ambient and chilled sweets from one factory in the week up to the Diwali festival.   The use of our Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion System to rapidly heat the milk will reduce their cook time by 75%, and dramatically reduce water used for cleaning off burn-on.  This is ideal for desserts such as Rasmali, and the bases for ice-cream and kulfi.

A follow up meeting is arranged at DCN head office in the UK before Christmas and a factory tour of one of our Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion production facilities in the UK.