Improve products and processes with Jet Cook™ Training

Are you getting the most out of your Jet Cook system?  A visit to one of our long-term customers chilled production facility this week showed that by making some small changes, we were able to improve the process and quality of some high viscose sauces which had been giving them some issues.  

Hollandaise and Chilli Cheese sauces are complex products due to the high fat and powder content, and there is potential for splitting both during and after production.  The Jet Cook solves this challenge with its simultaneous homogenising and heating, creating an emulsion with good droplet size distribution which ensures a stable sauce (also freeze thaw stable.)    

As well as improving the products, we changed some ingredient addition times and simplified the process, reducing their processing times by 5-10 minutes per batch.

Our patented Jet Cook System is incredibly versatile and with a few simple changes, we can solve common problems or even expand your product range.

We are offering existing Jet Cook customers 1:1 Advanced Training to help with process development, introduce latest technologies, or help with any issues you may be experiencing.

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